How to stop putting so much pressure on yourself

For years I fell into patterns of over-achieving and seeking validation from external things (like grades or awards). I used pressure as my main form of motivation. It worked well, but it didn't feel good. 

Eventually, I got pretty burnt out and began wondering if I'd ever feel motivated again. Turns out, it's normal to feel exhausted from so much striving and providing and doing.

Thankfully, there is another, much more pleasant way to move forward. And that's what I want to share with you today!

What happens when you celebrate your success

It always amazes me how quickly our brains want to skim right past the good moments and little successes and focus on the next thing. I mean, think about it: how often do you really stop to celebrate all of your progress?

It can feel counterintuitive – indulgent, even – to stop and do this, but recounting your growth and progress ultimately gives you more rocket fuel to move forward faster (and experience more success!).

How to handle fear of the future

Does the future freak you out? If so, you're not alone! It's easy for our imaginations to run wild creating scenes of absolute misery and despair when we're not sure what to expect. Especially when there's already something in our currently reality that has us on tilt.

Keep reading to learn what's actually making the future seem so scary, and how to kick your fears to the curb.

The key to leading a love-filled life

Finding and removing the barriers to one’s heart is far less uncomfortable – and takes far less energy – than maintaining them.

Just think about that for a moment. If you feel like you’re putting a guard up in certain relationships (or all relationships) in order to protect yourself, it’s taking up precious energy on a consistent basis. Like, an every day kinda basis.