What happens when you outgrow your old life

what happens when you outgrow your old life

“You seem…stronger,” he said. I could tell he didn't like it.

“I feel stronger," I replied.

I’d just completed my first weekend of a year-long program, and I felt more empowered than I had in a long time. 

Now I was confused. Wasn't me becoming a stronger version of myself a good thing?! 

I realized that one of my biggest fears of attending my program – that I’d outgrow our relationship – was unfolding before my eyes, and much faster than I'd expected.


your inner knowing always knows

I'd felt it in my gut from the beginning. When I was applying to the program, I knew: I was about to take things to the next level, expand, and not everything and everyone in my current life setup would fit in with my new reality. 

I knew in my core that this was true...which made is especially terrifying!

Was I ready for an entire life overhaul? I mean, yes, I was...but couldn't I keep the parts that, at least on the surface, seemed like they were working?!


If only i knew then what i know now...

Looking back, it's crazy to think I almost didn't enroll in this program...

The program that changed my life and provided me with extensive tools and practice in doing what I love most.

The program where I spent a year studying relationships in-depth, becoming the most authentic version of myself yet, and getting extremely clear on what kind of partner I wanted to be and attract in my life.

The program I was attending when I met my now-fiancé, who is just as committed to his own growth journey as he is to supporting me in mine.


create space for something even better

If I could go back in time and reassure myself, I'd say: "If you're willing to let go of the things/people/patterns that don't align with the expanded version of you...you will create space for something even better."

I remind myself of this all the time now. I love personal growth, and it's a huge part of my life, but it's not always a walk in the park. It can be unsettling when I start shedding old layers and feeling familiar parts of my life changing.

Can you relate?

If you feel like things are shifting in your world, especially if you've been on a growth path and really working on yourself and making changes in your life, just know that it's normal for your outer world to start reflecting those inner shifts. In fact, it's a good thing! It means you're expanding. 

And as tempting as it may be, it's never worth it to withhold from taking your life to the next level because you're afraid of losing someone or something. In the end, playing small doesn't serve you or them.


just remember...

All is well.

Massive growth can be both exhilarating and terrifying all at once.

And that's okay.

Quite normal, in fact ;)

Keep leaning in anyway.

Trust that it's all for you.

Trust that something even better awaits.

Keep expanding.

In the end, you'll be so glad you did.

I promise.


The best is yet to come,


P.S. Being in a relationship with someone who sees and deeply appreciates me for who I truly am is one of the greatest joys of my life. It's right up there with helping other people experience soul-level love and partnership in their lives as well! 

If you're feeling the call to find your forever person, or take your current relationship to the next level, I would love to support you in bringing those desires to life! Simply send me a message and we'll go from there :)