Do You Schedule Time For Comfort?

You’ve been doing all the things and putting yourself out there. Stepping outside of your comfort zone because you’re committed to your big dreams.

You’re scheduling things that stretch you...but are you scheduling things that restore you? Do you have time built into your calendar for comfort and rest?


I recently read an article that described how jellyfish move forward the most when they contract. They literally gain the most momentum when they rest. 

So do you.

Rest is a necessity, not a luxury.

You might know that logically, but when it comes to your life, is rest truly a priority? If it isn't, ask yourself why. What are you afraid will happen if you take your foot off the pedal and slow down?

Most of my clients operate how I used to, and come to me feeling afraid to rest because they think they'll lose momentum, when the opposite is actually true.

The only way they've ever experienced success is through constant hard work and achieving, and even though they're exhausted by that approach, at least they know it works...kind of.


If you don't plan time for comfort, your brain will seek it out in ways that don’t actually recharge you. You’ll end up mindlessly scrolling on Instagram. Or wandering into the kitchen for a snack. Or doing laundry during your designated work hours. This is like running on cheap fuel when the premium stuff is totally available to you.

The premium fuel = being intentional and planning activities that you know restore your energy.

One of my go-to premium fuel activities is taking epsom salt bubble baths. I’ve recently started taking baths on days I go to networking events. No matter how much energy I expend at the event, I know I can count on myself to take that time to recharge later on.


If you're in need of some good ole R&R, here's a quick, 5-step process to plan your own comfort time:

1. Make a list of some premium fuel activities that recharge you 
2. Pick 1 activity from that list you’re willing to start with
3. Choose a day and time for the activity and schedule it into your calendar
4. Decide on your reason for showing up no matter what
5. Honor your plan

Get in the habit of planning time for comfort, and start treating yourself like the queen that you are!

You deserve it,


P.S. If you could use support building out your 1-on-1 practice without burnout – I can help with that! It's totally possible to make more money than you ever have while simultaneously enjoying your life more than you ever have.

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