How To Make The Best Use Of Your Work Day

If you’re struggling what what to focus on right now and feel like you’re doing ALL the things (but not necessarily moving your business forward), I’m so excited to share today's resource with you!

I've created an Essential Tasks guide specifically designed to help you get clarity around where to best focus your time and energy.

When I was first building my coaching practice I struggled with how to best spend my time and energy. There were so many things I could be doing, and I felt overwhelmed with where to start.

The more I built my business, the more options seemed to appear!

Should I focus on building an online community, or build out my network in person?

Should I learn how to jedi mind trick Instagram’s algorithm and create more engagement there, or focus more of my efforts on Facebook?

Maybe I should be running Facebook ads. Or Instagram ads. Or both?!

There was SO much to learn, and I felt like a beginner in every single area. I truly didn’t know where to start.

On top of all that, I felt like my branding and website were far from perfect (a recovering perfectionist’s nightmare!) and I was wondering why I never finished learning how to code — it’d sure come in handy right about now!

One of the things that helped me the most was getting super clear on my essential tasks

Figuring out which tasks generate the most momentum (and business!) in my coaching practice — and committing to them wholeheartedly — changed everything for me!

I constantly come back to my essential tasks whenever my mind gets clouded with lots of should's. My essential tasks have evolved over time, but maintaining clarity about where to best focus my efforts continues to save me so much time and energy. 

It’s time to work smarter (not harder), and focus on what counts!

To creating massive momentum,


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