Give Your 2019 Goals Extra Oomph With This Easy Exercise

Happy New Year love!

Can you believe we’re already 9 days into 2019?!

If you’re one of the many people who started this year with big goals, full of hope and enthusiasm, and you’re feeling some of that fade’s post is for YOU!

I’m sharing a quick and very easy way to give yourself some extra oomph when it comes to goal-setting!


Celebrating wins. Such a simple step, but one that most of my clients skip right over!

Most of us are so focused on what’s next that we don’t think to pause and acknowledge all of our efforts up until this point. It’s kinda like: “Yeah, sure, what I did in 2018 is great and all, but that’s old news. Here’s what I really want now!”

As soon as we accomplish something or reach new heights in our lives, our new circumstances quickly become the norm. We adapt, the newness fades, and often what we worked so hard to attain just becomes our current setup. From that place, it’s easy to forget how much we used to want what we now have. And, we forget what bosses we are and how much can shift in a relatively short period of time!

Guess what happens when I make my clients celebrate their wins? They feel AWESOME and proud as they remember how far they’ve come and take in how much they’ve grown and accomplished. They get a glimpse of how powerful they really are. This leads to renewed feelings of confidence, motivation, and excitement for what’s next. I hear it in their voices every time!

That’s what I want for you! I want you to feel all of those things, and – most of all – remember how capable you are.

It’s time to celebrate YOUR wins!

If you’re tempted to stop reading this right now and skip over the exercise below, I encourage you to keep going. Resistance to this is normal; we’re not wired to stop like this – throughout the course of history, we didn’t always have that luxury! But we do now, and I’m willing to bet you have 5-10 minutes to spare.

Soooo…let’s dive in!


Come up with at least 3 personal wins and 3 professional wins to start, though if you get on a roll and find yourself brainstorming more, I say: keep em coming! There is no limit. The more you generate, the better you’ll feel!

Below are some prompts and examples to get your wheels turning. These wins don’t have to be huge, life-changing accomplishments (though they can be!). Just list anything that you feel good about.

I recommend getting out a piece of paper (or opening a new document on your computer) and answering with whatever comes to mind as you read.

Got your paper and pen handy?

Ok, let’s go!


  • In what ways did you take care of yourself this year? What new, healthy habits did you develop? Did you learn new recipes, go to bed earlier, try a yoga class, drink more water, or take a full day off every week?

  • Did any of your relationships change for the better? Did you become more patient with your family, develop new friendships, set new boundaries, or reconnect with someone?

  • Did you make any lifestyle changes? Did you learn how to be on time, become a morning person, decide to only drink on weekends, or embrace a minimalist lifestyle?

  • Did you do anything that’s been on your bucket list forever? Did you get a puppy, become a plant mom (that counts, right?), go on a trip, or get a certification?


  • What are some of your numbers-based wins? For instance: how much income did you generate, how many clients did you work with, or how many blogs did you write?

  • How did you stretch outside your comfort zone this year? Did you go to networking events, ask someone to meet up for coffee, or speak on a panel?

  • How did you update your business/work life to reflect who you are and what you want? Did you get clarity on your ideal client, update your business model, rebrand, get comfortable sharing on Instagram, expand your money mindset, or become more productive and work less hours?

  • In what ways did you invest in yourself and/or your business? Did you hire a coach, attend a training or workshop, or take an online course?

  • What new skills or lessons did you learn as a result of any of the above?

  • What are some of the results your clients experienced as a result of working with you?

If you just read through everything, now’s the time to pause and do the exercise. Remember: you don’t have to answer all of these questions! They’re simply designed to give you ideas. Start with 3 wins in each area, and if you're willing to share, I'd love to hear what you come up with!

Gift yourself some dream fuel for 2019 – you won’t regret it!

To your best year yet,


P.S. If you've got big plans for 2019 but aren’t sure where (or how) to start, I got you! Drop me a comment below or send me a message and I’ll be in touch soon :)