How To Channel Your Inner Goddess

When it comes to building a business — or doing anything really — it’s important to balance your energies.

Channeling your masculine energy is key for taking action, making moves, and leading the way. It’s necessary for “doing.”

Tapping into your feminine energy allows you to access your intuition, relax into the moment, and practice the art of receiving. It’s the energy of “being.”


Both masculine energy and feminine energy are required to build a thriving business, but a lot of the women I connect with have gotten so used to hustling and doing that they’ve forgotten how to simply be.

Nonstop doing can result in a pattern of go go go without slowing down long enough to make sure you’re even headed in a direction that feels aligned. You might be moving too quickly to even notice signs and opportunities unfolding around you.

As I mentioned in last week's post about play, it’s common for ideas to flood in while people are in the shower. This is because your mind is relaxed enough to receive them! A lot of my clients initially tell me how they lie awake in bed at night and can’t sleep because so many thoughts and ideas are swirling around in their minds.

Can you relate? If so, it’s time to relax…and reignite your feminine energy!


One of my favorite ways to do this is to set aside what I like to call “Goddess time.”

This is scheduled “you time” designed to access and honor the goddess within you.

In order to attune to your inner guidance and intuition, you first have to slow down (and relax) long enough to hear it.


What makes you feel relaxed and at ease? Feminine? Like a GODDESS?!

FYI, this doesn’t have to be anything monumental. It could be taking 15 minutes to quietly enjoy your coffee or tea while watching the sunrise. Or 5 minutes to massage lotion into your skin after a shower. Or adding some lavender essential oil to a diffuser before bedtime. Or listening to music. Or taking the time to brush your hair and get fully dressed in the morning even though you work from home.

Let's imagine you are a queen and deserve to treat yourself as such. Oh wait, that's right, you ARE a queen! Ok, now that that's settled: pick something that sounds luxurious, and just try it. Block off some time in your calendar, and get your goddess on.

You'll thank me later,


P.S. I love teaching women how to balance their masculine & feminine energies in work (and life). Getting into energetic alignment and accessing your intuition are just as important as taking action when it comes to building your own business!

If you feel like you’re doing all the things with little to show for it, it’s time to tap into more of your feminine power. If you'd like support getting unblocked, book a session with me by clicking the button below. Together we'll look more closely at what's going on so you can get back into the flow of things ASAP!