I Get Excited Every Time I Think About This

“It’s ALL happening!”

This is one of my all-time favorite phrases to run through my mind on purpose.

I get giddy every time I think about it!

It was my mantra last month, and guess what happened?

I started to believe it more and more.

I went about my days with excitement and let that energy carry me forward.

From there, I created momentum that further solidified my belief that — yes! — it really is all happening!



The delay is over.

It’s ALL happening.

Right now!

The pieces are falling into place.

Everything you’ve been wanting and working towards.

The seeds you’ve planted are beginning to bloom.

Your effort is paying off.

The compound effect is at work.

And every small step forward creates more momentum.

The momentum is building, right before your eyes!

Can you feel it?


Your mind won’t naturally want to focus on what is working. It’s go-to is staying alert to what’s not working or what could go wrong. But you can redirect your focus any time you choose. You have that power.

You can think “It’s all happening!” any time you want to feel excitement coursing through you.

Put it on a sticky note on your desk or wall. Run the phrase through your own mind for a test drive over and over again.

How would you show up if you truly believed that everything you’re wanting is already in the process of unfolding in your life? Start showing up like that today.

It’s ALL happening, my friend.

Believe it, feel it, and you’ll start to see evidence of it.

Your time is now,


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