How To Avoid Getting Hung Up On The "How"

I always encourage my clients not to get too attached to the exact “how” when it comes to creating what they want in their lives.

Honing in on any specific method or strategy puts a lot of pressure of that method working out. Then, if it doesn’t, it’s easy to get discouraged and make it mean something about how capable you are or how possible your dreams are.

There are a million different ways of creating what you want. The first attempt might not bring immediate success. The second or third or fourth attempts might also require fine tuning. But, eventually, by showing up consistently, learning, and fine tuning, you will reach your goal. 

The route you take might be different from what you expected at the outset of your journey, but often the end destination will be even better than what you’d imagined!


Here’s what else happens when you stay open to the “how”: you leave room for the universe to work it’s magic — for synchronicities to occur, for helpful people to show up, and for unexpected shortcuts and solutions to present themselves.

When you’re so locked into one specific path, you’re much more likely to miss the magic unfolding all around you.


Staying open to the “how” does not mean dismissing it altogether or disengaging from activities. I’m not encouraging you to take your hands off the steering wheel of your life completely, kick your feet up, and wait for something to happen.

The key is being highly involved in the process — showing up with intention and taking aligned action — while simultaneously remaining unattached to the exact activities that move you forward.


So, how exactly do you do that?!

Come up with an initial plan of action that plays to your strengths, feels authentic to you, and is in alignment with your end goal.

Take the next step, and then the next one.

Learn and pivot as you go.

Play with different strategies.

See what sticks.

Remain unattached to any particular method or timeline.

Stay open.

Stay committed.

And watch what happens!

To kickstarting your success,


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