How to Do Less With More Focus

Last week I shared about how to move forward in your business without getting too attached to the exact process. (Click here to read that post!)

Today’s post is about doing less with more focus — an approach that will support you regardless of how the specifics of your business-building efforts change over time.


Keeping these 2 questions in mind will allow you to make more of an impact without adding in a bunch of new tasks:

1) What am I doing that works?

2) What can I add into that current mix to maximize my efforts even more?


An easy (but often overlooked) way to do step #2 is by incorporating more direct offers to help people into what you’re already putting out into the world.

For example…

  • If you have a podcast or YouTube channel: add a clear, straightforward sentence or two about how people can work with you at the end of each episode or video.

  • If you’re regularly going on Facebook or Instagram Lives: offer up valuable information as you normally would, then encourage your viewers to reach out to you directly (or schedule a consultation) if they want more support.

  • If you’re already going to networking events: fine-tune how you introduce yourself and make sure your elevator pitch includes an invitation to work together. Outline the next step people should take if they want to connect with you.

Disclaimer: you do not need to do everything on this list! These are just examples, and the method used to connect doesn’t matter. The key is finding an approach that works for you, and then amplifying your efforts from there.


Making offers is one example of how you can do less with more focus, but the opportunities to streamline are truly limitless.

Start with what’s working.

Add some fertilizer to the seeds you’re already planting.

And take things one day (and one task) at a time.

Cue the sigh of relief,


P.S. Speaking of making offers…here’s mine :)

Maybe you know you should be making offers — but the thought of putting yourself out there like that makes you want to crawl under a rock.

Or, maybe you don’t even know where you should be spending your time and energy to begin with.

Either way, I’m here for you!

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