What To Do When You Feel Trapped

Last week there was a theme that kept coming up for my clients. Almost everyone was feeling trapped by various elements of their lives. And, this feeling was completely self-created. Why?

Because nothing outside of you actually has that kind of power over you.

Because you always have a choice — about what you do AND about how you feel.

And because feeling trapped is simply an illusion. 


You have far more choices than you think you do — and you are making them every day, whether you realize it or not.

Even the things you assume you have to do — like show up to work, pay your taxes, or go to your friend’s party. These are all things you (probably) choose to do because you don’t want to experience the consequences of not doing them — like getting fired, owing the government money, or simply disappointing someone. But they are still choices. And you, my friend, have full dominion over your choices!

When you remember that everything in your life is a choice, immediate freedom comes rushing in.

You remember that you get to choose, and re-choose, daily. And nobody gets to choose for you.

Using the examples above, you might still choose to do all of these things — but they will feel very different when you do them from a place of wanting versus having to do them.

This especially applies to aspects of your life that don’t feel ideal right now or fit into your long-term vision — like your current living situation or part-time job. You might dream of moving into a home of your own or being fully self-employed. But resenting not being there yet isn’t doing you any favors. In fact, it’s wasting precious energy that could be used to propel you forward and make those dreams a reality faster.


Take an honest look at your life, and re-choose what works for you right now — in this current season.

In the same way you hear people talk about re-choosing their husband or wife again every day, do the same with every aspect of your life. 

What are you choosing for you right now, and why? Make sure you like your reasons, and reclaim ownership over your life in an instant.


Any time you start a sentence with “I have to…” try and catch yourself.


Remember there is nothing you have to do.

See whatever task you’re talking about through the lens of it being a choice (not an obligation), and then re-decide whether or not it’s something you want to do.

When things are reframed as “wants” versus “have-to’s” or “should’s” they become instantly more appealing.


The next time you feel trapped, here are some things you can think to start the reframing process: 

I am free to choose everything in my life. 

I am free to choose again in any moment. 

All of this is a choice.

To your freedom,


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