How To Make This Your Best Month Ever

What if this is your best month yet?

Exciting news: it can be!

Making this the best month ever is totally within your control. 

No matter what kind of month or year you’ve had, THIS can be the month where you turn things around.

All of your experiences January-May have accumulated to perfectly prepare you for this moment.

Now is the time to take things to the next level.

You in? Let’s do this!


Start by reading these one by one and tossing them around in your mind. Notice how they feel.

With each month that passes…

  • I get stronger

  • I make a bigger impact

  • I provide more value

  • I earn more money

  • I know more

  • I show up more powerfully

  • I get a clean slate

  • I have more opportunities

  • Things get better and better

Then, try these out:

  • I can’t wait to see what this next month brings.

  • I get to take what I learned last month, and use it as rocket fuel to propel me to the next level this month.

  • It’s going to be SO good!


Okay, let’s put that beautiful brain of yours to work! It’s time to come up with some of your own thoughts.

What would you like to think about the month ahead?

Imagine we fast-forwarded to July, and you were reflecting on your mind-blowing June. What would you say?

Pause and think about that for a minute, then list out anything that comes to mind.

You don’t even need to have a specific goal. In fact, sometimes it’s helpful not to get too bogged down in details.

Instead, you can focus on how you show up. Maybe June is the month you step into your power, or finally start enjoying networking events. Maybe it’s the month you feel confident enough to share what you do with more people or go live on Instagram. Maybe it’s the month you put yourself first without apology and say “no” to the things that aren’t lighting you up.

You get to make it whatever you want, so let yourself dream!


Time to decide, and then consider it a done deal!

Think it with me: “This IS my best month yet!”

Run that phrase through your mind again and again.

Then, collect evidence anywhere you can. How is this the best month yet?

It can be the smallest things. Look everywhere, and you will find them.

  • The waiter brought over a dessert on the house. Best month ever!

  • You truly helped someone today. Best month ever!

  • Your best friend is coming to visit for the weekend. Best month ever!

  • The sun is shining again in San Diego. Best month ever!

  • You did your first Facebook Live and it wasn’t terrible. Best month ever!

You get the point :)

Decide, look for evidence, and watch what happens.

To your (you guessed it!) best month ever,


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