How To Stop Limiting Your Potential

I used to look to my past experience for evidence of what I was capable of creating or feeling.

I caught myself saying things like, “I just want to get back to a place where I am doing x, y, and z.” 

Or, “Last year I earned this amount of money, so I should be able to do that again this year." 

Or, “Last time I did that I felt totally awkward and out of my element — it must not be for me.” 

I limited myself to what was possible previously, because it was an easy reference point, instead of considering what might be possible in the future. Instead of letting myself dream bigger, or even recognizing my own growth since that last point in time.

Here’s what I’ve realized — and what I remind myself of again and again: 

You are not the same person you were last year, last month, or even last week. 

You are in a constant state of learning and expansion. 

If you're expanding, it makes sense that your life also expands, right? 

You are capable of WAY more in this moment than any previous time in the history of your life.

Instead of looking to the past, I now look to my future.

your future self

Have you ever checked in with your future self? It’s easier than you think.

Want to practice with me?

Answer me this: what guidance does your future self have for you right now?

Answer me this: what guidance does your future self have for you right now?

Pause and drop in. Pretend you are living the reality you dream about. You are already there.

Then, write down whatever comes to mind — any golden nuggets you want to remember as you work your way towards actually making that future reality come to life. Trust that it’s closer than you think.

Practice tuning into your future self and letting her guide you.

In time, you will come to see that you are truly just getting started, that the past is not a relevant reference point, and that you are far more capable than you realize.

It’s the coolest thing ever.

To limitless possibilites,


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