How to spread positivity (hint: it’s easier than you think)

Have you ever met someone whose beaming, positive energy was undeniable, who shined so brightly that their joy, vitality, gifts and pure love were hard to ignore? If you’re lucky, maybe you’ve stumbled upon a number of these people throughout your life…or perhaps you have even been surrounded by a room full of them during a class, retreat, or workshop.

In the personal growth world, these individuals are often referred to as "light bearers.” Anyone can be a light bearer — all that’s required is a commitment to spreading and sharing your love. 

When I first heard the term “light bearer," I immediately thought of the family members, friends, and teachers who have profoundly influenced my life and shown me the way forward, especially when I was feeling lost or disheartened. But then I began paying attention outside of my inner circle, and I started seeing light bearers everywhere. All around me, I noticed people fully expressing and owning their unique gifts. Their zest for life and love of their crafts radiated so intensely.

Like the dentist I trekked an hour into the Valley to visit because he was so over-the-moon about dentistry and viewed it as his own personal art form. I’ll never forget walking into his office, which felt more like a spa than a medical facility, and noticing that it was lined with beautiful bronze sculptures he’d created. This was a man who loved attention to detail — a most excellent quality in someone you’ll be trusting to handle your pearly whites. And his ability to make his clients feel at ease was incredible. He’d found a way to express numerous inherent gifts of his through his dentistry, and you could feel the positive energy he created in his space.

Then there was Larry the pharmacist, who (upon meeting me for the first time) went out of his way to track down the prescription I needed to nip my flu in the bud. He called and called my doctor from back east until he was able to get me the meds I needed and save me from extra miserable bedridden days. I felt so taken care of at a time when I was physically exhausted and needed some support. From then on, I knew Larry would handle any future prescription needs. I always looked forward to the warmth and genuine conversation that awaited me at the pharmacy. Larry was the best of the best, and I was genuinely sad to say goodbye to him and his team when I moved away. He certainly knew how to spread the light.

These are just a few of the many kind souls I’ve learned to look out for and appreciate daily, and I give these examples to demonstrate that being a light bearer in ordinary life is both possible and profound. 

If you’ve had this experience before — of perceiving and feeling the radiant glow of love and light soaring out of a person — you know how powerful it is. It’s potent enough to change a life, or many. 

Here’s what I ask of you today:

1) Who has been a light bearer in your life? See who comes to mind, and bask in the gratitude and love you feel for this person. Perhaps you even take things a step further and send them a short email or text to share your appreciation.

2) Keep your eyes peeled for new, everyday light bearers who enter your life. You might be surprised at how many inspiring people are around you on a regular basis. The more you notice and appreciate them, the more goodness you are guaranteed to feel. Trust me. Your heart will swell with so much unexpected love that you’ll wonder how you’ve been missing these daily doses all along.

3) Pay it forward. Are there any unique gifts you’re withholding or not expressing to their full potential? How might you shine your own light a little brighter? Plus, that vitality I mentioned earlier? It tends to go hand-in-hand with living fully, brightly, and on-purpose.

Because the truth is, no matter what you do for a living or choose to pursue in your free time, all of it is valuable. All of it matters more than you think. And the world needs your fullest expression of love.


To your absolute radiance,